Jessa Flux (clubmix1996) wrote in pigtailwhores,
Jessa Flux

spy on me!

I have two spy cams up now. My grandma brought me a grounded two to three prong adapter to hook them up with on my desktop. (YAY!) I still need more of those in general for different things so I kept the other two on my amazon wishlist. It takes about 5 days for the cams to be picked up by the rude administrators to reactivate my embeds on, so check the spy cam link around Wednesday. I only have two up instead of three like I did at my old apartment because of the way things are set up. Ideally I would like to put up 4 but I need 5 new USB extension cables BAD to run them in different areas through the house. I would like to put one in a different angle in the bedroom so my members can see me clearly when I do cam shows for individuals (They/you PROBABLY deserve that luxury, hehe.) and another on so you can see my couch clearly in the living room so you can see me and any company I may have. Either that on I was thinking of a spy cam. I have another webcam to use for this but I need another one for either the bedroom cam or the shower cam along with the 5 extension cables, so the more you wanna see of this silly ho, the more you gotta buy me!

The extension cables and various webcams are located on amazon wishlist I made up to better my site with, and it's found here:
Email me at and let me know which things you buy for me and maybe I will send you a special thank you or a site pass or something!